Test Equipments

tensile elongation tester pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Tensile and Elongation

This test method is designed to measure tensile and elongation properties data for the design and control of the specification of plastic materials. This data are also useful for qualitative characterization and for research and development.

aging oven pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Aging Oven Testing Machines

It is applicable to testing the changes in the properties of the materials such as plastic, rubber, etc before or after being heated. Specimens are heated uniformly at a controlled temperature for a specified time. The properties such as discoloration split, shrinkage, expansion, etc are then measured so that the aging characteristics can be determined.

Plastics Extruder Machines pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Plastics Extruder Machine

Plastics extrusion is a manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous profile. The molten polymer is then forced into a die, which shapes the polymer into a profile that hardens during cooling. The extrusion process can determine pin hole, blisters and contamination in the material.

densimeter pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru


Density is the mass per unit volume of a material. Specific gravity is a measure of the ratio of mass of a given volume of material at 23ºc to the same volume of deionized water or alcohol.

UL94 Oven Flamability pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

UL94 Oven

These requirements cover tests for flammability of plastic materials used for parts in devices and appliances. The methods described in this standard involved standard size specimens and are intended to be used solely to measure and describe the flammability properties of materials, in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions. The actual response to heat and flame of materials depends upon the size and form, and on the end-use of the product using the materials. Assessment of other important characteristics in the end-use application includes, but is not limited to, factors such as ease of ignition, burning rate, flame spread, fuel contribution, intensity of burning and products of combustion.

izod impact test pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Izod Impact Test

The Resil Impactor is a device used to conduct resilience test on thermoplastic materials, in order to determine their impact fragility characteristics under standard stress conditions. The Izod method, the specimen is supported as an embedded beam and is broken by a single oscillation of the pendulum at fixed distance from the specimen clamp and from the centre line of the impact. The measuring method is based on determining the amount of energy, expressed in Joules, needed to break the specimen under specified conditions, such as: location of the specimen, shape of the notch and speed of impact of the hammer on the specimen.

cold brittleness tester pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Cold Brittleness Tester

Cold Brittleness Tester is known as Brittleness temperature of plastics and Elastomers by Impact. This test method covers the determination of the temperature at which plastics and elastomers exhibit brittle failure under specified impact conditions. To determine the brittleness temperature, specimens are secured to a specimen holder with a torque wrench. The specimen holder is immersed in a bath containing a heat-transfer medium that is cooled. The specimens are stuck at a specified linear speed and then examined. The brittleness temperature is defined as the temperature at which 50% of the specimens fail.

spectorophotometer pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru


Spectrophotometers are instruments for measuring colour. Spectro technology measures reflected or transmitted light at many points on the visual spectrum, which results in a curve. Since the curve of each color is as unique as a signature or finger print, the curve is an excellent tool for identifying, specifying and matching color. Spectrophotometry - assisted color measurement to control of plastics throughout the development and manufacturing process.

Digital Ultra High Resistance Meter pvc thermoplastic malaysia johor bahru

Digital Ultra High Resistance Meter

Insulation resistance of materials is one of several parameters that may indicate the condition of insulation. An insulation test is to measure the electrical resistance offered by the PVC insulation. The digital Ultra High Resistance stores a voltage generation source of 0 to 1000v respectively.